szkolenia specjalistyczne

Special training

It is a spectacular, emotional cycle of practical classes and learning in the area of ​​self-defense, safe driving in extreme conditions, aviation, and weapon use. The training enables obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge in indicated areas – it is implemented on the racetrack, the airport and the shooting range. As part of the training, the participant will perform practical flights by plane and helicopter, will drive a car on the race course and shoot at the shooting range.

Cyber security

The company provides comprehensive activities in the field of security systems and cyber offence in cyberspace – offers implementations of solutions from global and key national produces. In the field of security, we implement a full range of services such as SOC (Security Operation Center), SIEM class solutions, IDS / IPS network sensors, security of workstations, servers, cloud systems and mobile devices. We offer cyber offence to conduct network reconnaissance, monitoring and analysis operations.
systemy bezpilotowe

Unmanned systems

The company’s offer includes unique solutions of unmanned vehicles of all classes and various purposes. Unmanned solutions also include military and police systems. The company cooperates with domestic and foreign producers and enables the implementation of unique projects in the area of ​​unmanned vehicles.
C4ISR systemy dowodzenia

C4ISR systems

The company offers high-tech command and management systems (C4ISR). It offers comprehensive implementations of command systems for all levels of command from the brigade command level to a soldier in the field. We implement systems of common operational picture, motorized battalion management systems (BMS), HMS command systems.

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