Nowadays security in the cyberspace is key success factor for the industry and companies. Many aspects of our modern, everyday lives exists in the cyberspace – interconnected computers, mobile devices, cars, TVs and Internet of Things. Cyberspace security became a place for regulations that are developed by countries and governments – especially related to our digital personality. PAIS is addressing all of the modern challenges of cybersecurity like:
  • Risk management for IT and OT systems
  • Security controls implementation: data leackage protection, encryption, data protection, IP traffic monitoring, detection of malware and threats
  • Security Operation Center implementation
  • Implementation of the complex, secure IT systems
  • Security tests of IT, OT, ICS and SCADA systems
  • Delivery and implementation of the state of the art security controls for ICS nad SCADA systems
The company offers cyber security monitoring service for companies and institutions – SECaaS (Security as a Service). We are building our solutions based on the state of the art solutions from vendors like IBM, Symantec, PaloAlto, Cisco and also integrating national elements.