Technical security

VISUAL MONITORING – 24h supervision of the facility, quick reaction to threats, preventive patrols, marking objects with information boards.
GPS of vehicles / boats – anti-theft protection, anti-hijacking. Immediate information about the incident, location of the vehicle throughout Europe, remote navigation, online vehicle monitoring, data storage on the internal memory (“black box”), fuel consumption register.
SSWiN – a properly designed and installed alarm system allows detecting any attempt of break-in or sabotage. The division of the area covered by the system into alarm zones allows the sending of a signal and intervention before unauthorized persons enter the protected facility. Additionally, it is possible to install the so-called “Silent alarm”, i.e. the ability to call security with an anti-robbery or a hidden button.
CCTV – supplementation of intrusion and assault signaling – an image transfer system used to supervise space or premises in which explicit or discreet cameras have been installed.
SKD – access control system used to ensure full protection of tangible and intangible assets. It consists of devices and software aimed at identifying the entity. The access control system allows to limit access to selected rooms or zones by means of a numeric code, bar code card, proximity card, chip card, magnetic card, fingerprint, hand geometry, iris, retina, DNA.
RCP – a system aimed at controlling the presence, delays, dismissals of employees. The system is dedicated to large and medium-sized enterprises investing in efficiency and effectiveness of the obtained results.
SAP – this system allows you to detect a fire at an early stage of development, which makes it possible to extinguish a fire in the bud, with manual extinguishing agents or with the help of a fire brigade.
ZSSP – securing meetings and meetings of the Management Boards of companies against industrial espionage, eavesdropping detection and TEMPEST technology.