VIP Protection

VIP Personal Protection in our company is carried out only by former officers and soldiers of special units (BOR officers, GROMs and anti-terrorist units of the police) who have appropriate psychophysical predispositions, a high degree of impeccable manners, physical fitness, professional shooting and tactical skills, and they are also equipped with the right means of communication and specialized technical tools. Power & Int. Solutions, distinguished by extremely demanding procedures for the selection of security officers, specialized training, high-quality equipment and a specialized management team. Our experienced and reliable specialists are able to provide personal safety even in the most risky and harsh conditions. Our knowledge of high risk areas makes the services that we recommend and provide profiled in terms of threats to which our clients may be exposed.


Personal VIP Protection (periodic – 30 to 180 days) is the resident security supervision (1 to 3 bodyguards), constant, discreet protection of VIP and his relatives in the workplace, residence and meetings. Periodic supervision of protection allows the protected person to function on a daily basis without the overly intrusive presence of protection. It is implemented both through direct physical supervision and indirect electronic supervision.


Emergency Protection (from 3 to 72 hours) is performed by Mobile Emergency Response Team (2 to 4 officers) called on VIP’s request according to his needs.


Special Protection (from 2 to …, including abroad) is carried out by Mobile Security Team for Special Tasks designed to perform the most difficult tasks also in difficult conditions.


All security officers have personal weapons and documented experience in military VIP protection activities carried out in areas of military operations. Our protective teams have high-class vehicles that provide comfort and safety for the protected people, driven by drivers with high tactical skills and experience in protecting vehicles.


Before we execute the order, we will conduct a full diagnosis and identify threats. Our methodology is: strict adherence to established principles of protection, with emphasis on prevention and counteraction as well as identification and thorough analysis of potential problems and various scenarios.