szkolenia strzeleckie

Shooting training

The shooting training is coordinated by Lieutenant Colonel Mirosław PLATA, a long-time instructor of martial arts, experienced VIP (presidents, prime ministers, Polish ambassadors (also in the war zone)) direct protection officer, chief expert in the special operations division of the Government Protection Bureau (BOR), currently the State Protection Service (SOP), 4th Dan in karate, lecturer in “Tactics of Protective Actions” on courses for Customs officers and many courses of persons and property protection (on 1st and 2nd level), organizer and participant of shows of intervention techniques and tactics applied in BOR (currently SOP) protection activities.

Aircraft training

The air training is conducted on the basis of a certified school and includes airplane and helicopter training. It is run at Warsaw Babice airport and in Warsaw’s airspace. Air training is coordinated and conducted by world class instructors, members of the Polish national team: vice-champion of the world of aerobatic acrobatics (2015) – Artur Kielak and world vice-champion in a helicopter competition (2015) – Marcin Szymborski.
walka obronna

Self-defense training

It is a spectacular, thrilling cycle of practical classes and learning the basics of self-defense, developed by a long-time trainer of Polish special groups, a former officer of the Government Protection Bureau (BOR). During intensive training participants will learn the basic elements of JISSEN’s professional defense combat system, designed for VIP elite direct protection groups.
szkolenia samochodowe

Car training

The car training is conducted on a track designed for improving driving techniques. The Autodrom is the most modern automotive training facility in Poland. The Autodrom’s training infrastructure includes: training cars, 3.5 km length training tracks, four slip plates – irrigated, elevation, roundabout, jerking device – destabilizing the driving path, water curtains, training and conference rooms, hotel and halls. .