Aircraft training

Air training is conducted on the basis of a certified school and includes airplane and helicopter training. It is run at Warsaw Babice airport and in Warsaw’s airspace. Air training is coordinated and conducted by world class instructors, members of the Polish national team: vice-champion of the world of aerobatic acrobatics (2015) – Artur Kielak and world vice-champion in a helicopter competition (2015) – Marcin Szymborski.




Air training includes flight to the exercise zone, basic maneuvers of the aircraft and helicopter, such as takeoff, landing, straight flight, altitude changes, turns.

In the case of a helicopter flight, sideways, backwards, low, high hovering and landing in contingent terrain are performed.


During the flight, the Instructor comments on the instrument’s readings and the aircraft’s reactions to the movements of the rudders. Before the flight, a short acquaintance with the aircraft is carried out, with on-board equipment, operation of rudders, cabin communication and safety rules. The flight route allows you to admire Warsaw “from a bird’s eye view”. Flight details are specified in art. 2 points 9 Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 of 5 October 2012 laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures for air operations in accordance with Regulation 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council, as amended by Commission Regulation (EU) No 379/2014 of April 7, 2014.


A very individual approach is applied to the participants. Air training is a great way to check your predispositions in the field of operating aircraft in the light of possible improving skills and continuation of flying. Thanks to this training, you can make a thought-out, conscious decision.