Car training

The car training is conducted on a track designed for improving driving techniques. Our Autodrom is the most modern automotive training facility in Poland. The Autodrom’s training infrastructure includes: training cars, 3.5 km length training tracks, four slip plates – irrigated, elevation, roundabout, jerking device – destabilizing the driving path, water curtains, training and conference rooms, hotel and halls. The aim of the training is to improve the skills of participants in the field of various driving techniques in changing road conditions (also on slippery surfaces).

Instructors with work experience in the Government Protection Bureau (BOR), currently the State Protection Service (SOP) will teach:

  • to move the vehicle out of a skid,
  • to come away unscathed from road crisis situations,
  • evacuation of a vehicle column in the event of a terrorist threat, for example.

In addition to the program, it is planned to learn how to drive with elements of sports driving and the choice of the best course.

Elements of car training – basic program:

  • pposition behind the wheel,
  • ergonomics,
  • ine, slalom,
  • cornering technique, correct track, braking, acceleration,
  • emergency braking before an obstacle, safe passing the obstacle,
  • skid, skid types, behavior of the car in an uncontrolled skid,
  • driving on a full section of the track, offensive driving.

Elements of car training – additional program:

  • driving in a column, elements of operational driving,
  • driving a sports car – training of sport riding technique.
The car training program is coordinated by Colonel (Ret.) Leszek BARAN. Col. Baran in the years 2005-2011 was the Head of Training of the Government Protection Bureau, currently the State Protection Service (SOP).
Supervisors and instructors of the car training are experienced former officers of the Government Protection Bureau, currently the State Protection Service (SOP) – instructors of techniques and tactics of car driving and instructors of improving driving techniques. During their work at BOR, they were responsible for the safety of, among others, presidents, popes and prime ministers. They were also responsible for training BOR drivers.
A detailed training scenario will be presented by the organizers after accommodation of participants in the Hotel on the premises of the Autodrome.