Self-defense training

It is a spectacular, thrilling cycle of practical classes and learning the basics of self-defense, developed by a long-time trainer of Polish special groups, a former officer of the Government Protection Bureau (BOR) – currently the State Protection Service (SOP). During intensive training participants will learn the basic elements of JISSEN’s professional defense combat system, designed for VIP elite direct protection groups. JSDF level 1 is a proprietary training program in the defense combat system (JISSEN) addressed to all participants, regardless of age, aptitude and physical fitness level. The aim of the training is to acquire basic skills of hand to hand combat and rational behavior in dangerous situations by the participants. Professional methodology (step by step) used by top-class instructors allows you to achieve this goal in a very short time. The training includes learning the basic principles of protection against physical attack in the most typical threatning situations. Training participants learn proven, rational behaviors in self-defense and the most effective ways of responding in the event of a robbery and direct threat of physical attack.


Classes are conducted by the best Polish trainers, outstanding hand-to-hand combat instructors with many years of training experience and professional achievements. The training block is coordinated by Lieutenant Colonel Mirosław PLATA, the creator of the Polish defense system JISSEN, a long-time special forces trainer with a unique professional experience specialized in the field of self-defense and personal safety.